Q&A: Will we get back together?



Q: Will we get back together?

A: I don’t know.

Only you and your ex can answer that. Tarot doesn’t predict the future, or read other people’s minds. It’s a way to learn, a way to find inspiration, a way to access your own good intuition…not some kind of creepy stalker thing to go rummaging through other people’s hearts and minds. End of discussion as far as I’m concerned.

But this is your lucky day – felt pulled to pull a card for you BUT it doesn’t have anything to do with your ex or if you’ll get back together. This card is only intended to help you understand the way things are now, and maybe give you some idea about what direction to go next.

Your card is: Three of Swords.

If you look at the Smith artwork in the Rider Waite Tarot (public domain image via sacred-texts.com), this card makes lots of sense, really.

Your are experiencing heartache. Breakups are heartbreaking things, and this card is acknowledging your hurt, letting you know the universe hears you and understands.

This card is offering you the heart version of that old Zen adage – instead of “only an empty cup can be filled” in this case, only the broken heart can be mended, meaning this is a life lesson, and an important one.

Look at it logically for a minute. You broke up for a reason. SOMEthing happened. Has that changed? Has the trust been repaired? What’s different now? What tiny shred of anything makes you think things would be a tiny bit different if you did get back together? Why would you want to go back to that, whoever was at “fault”?

Better than thinking about getting back together, wouldn’t it be better to think about how this has changed YOU? What have you learned? What do you know now about the kind of relationship you want in your life? What are you able to give – or not give – to a relationship? “you can’t cross the same river twice” they say. You can’t go back, even if you re-start a relationship with the same person. Time has passed, and experiences have passed between you. Don’t think in terms of getting back together…think of starting new, be it with this person or with someone else.

If there is as much heartache as this card hints, why rush back now? Who do you want your partner in romance to be: someone who is whole, happy and strong, or someone emotionally injured, bleeding and needy? It isn’t up to other people to heal you…only you can heal you. What chance would a relationship have (new or re-start either one) if you go into it hurting and half-there? If you want a good new relationship, go into it whole strong and happy…like attracts like. Offer up wounds, you get wounds. Go into it happy, whole, and full of love to give…then chances are greater of attracting the same in to your life, too.

Will you get back together? I dunno. You need to answer that…and answer why you would want to.

Return of Arcana in Balance series: The Fool


Back in 2009, I started a series of posts about the cards of the major arcana and the way they point out places in life where balance is needed. All the cards have that aspect…no one card is all good or all bad. The card right side up isn’t one thing and reversed another…like life, all the cards have a balance of opposites contained all in one whole. I’ve always agreed with Diane Morgan “Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao” in this respect and others. There is an enormous amount of overlap between Taoist philosophy and Tarot insights as I see it. The idea of the dynamic balance of opposites – or more often a dynamic juggling act with a balance of many aspects – is the key place where Tarot and Taoism meet.

Initially, I’ll be re-posting the old commentary as we go through the major arcana as it most commonly appears. There may be some variation with some Tarot decks.

If you would like to read more Tao and Tarot overlap, please feel free to read the “Tao Tuesday” posts on my holistic health and writing blog at RondaSnow.com.




From 2009:

It was an AH-HA moment.

My teacher, Joy Star, tweeted about The Lovers card speaking about male-female balance. Like a lightbulb over the head, it was suddenly obvious that all the major arcana had this kind of insight to offer.

As I see it, the traditional “meaning” of ANY tarot card is shaded, changed, “spin doctored” three things…the position within the spread, the purpose of message, and the personal associations of the person receiving the reading. This last is, in my opionion, the most important. Traditional card meanings and spread-position connotations are well known, so I’ll be talking over the next several weeks about the idea of “message purpose”. Cards can have a ‘flavor’ to the message. They can emphasize advice, cautions, validations, messages of encouragement …or in the case of the major arcana, show where life is out of balance. Balance, is a very important concept, especially in some eastern philosophies. It is also an integral part of modern holistic health, and stress management.

The Major Arcana is symbolic of the major life lessons and stages of life from birth to death. These cards have always been thought to have greater energy, depth and complexity than the minor arcana cards. They are the big deal stuff that “trumps” the “small stuff” Back when the tarot cards were used for playing games, the major arcana cards were literally ‘trump’ cards, just as exist in our card games today.

The first Major Arcana card is “The Fool”. Over time language changes. Now when we think of “fool” we think of “foolish” which has many negative connotations: impractical, oafish, ill-informed, even stupid, impulsive…not the kind of person you would want to hang around with…much less have them teach you a big life lesson.

That is part of the lesson to be sure…that innocence teaches and that we can learn from anyone or any situation, but that is another post.

A more contemporary way to think of “The Fool” is like a court jester…or a stand up comedian.

Think of some of the most popular comedians….on the level of a Robin Williams, Dennis Leary, or Whoopie Goldberg…people whose comedy is art, and have something large to say.

THAT is the feeling of this card.

The point of balance in question is one of work and play, humor vs seriousness.

I often associate a cliche or old proverb with the major arcana cards…for this one “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy” also “Laughter is the best medicine”

If the Fool comes to you, think where things are too serious…or you aren’t taking them seriously enough.

Where do you need to put effort, but equally important, where do you need to lighten up and feed your soul as well as mind and body. Stress is a killer. Laughter heals. There is a certain wisdom to the ‘work hard, play hard’ paradigm that Americans seem to love. By the same token, the “hard” needs to be off set at times with “chill”. Sometimes we need to work, but maybe not so hard, and play, but not so gung-ho.

I love the lessons we can find in kids cartoons. Here the best example I can think of is the Disney cartoon “Phineas and Ferb” (love it…would watch it even without kids around)…they put out effort, but love it, go with the flow of it utterly…and accomplish the impossible in a summer afternoon.

Yeah, its just a cartoon…pure fantasy. But so are a lot of the things we learn from and revere. Why not learn from a cartoon? To dismiss what you see there, is to dismiss the lesson of the Fool card. It’d be foolish.

May you find balance in work and play, effort and relaxation, humor and gravity.

Tarotbytes: 4 of Cups


Serenity requires honesty, self-confidence and a degree of discernment. Even if it offered in all sincerity, some ideas are a cup of cold comfort if it does not resonate with your true spirit. As the Buddha sat under a tree in meditation, he found his place of truth and power – and serenity. We each must be honest with ourselves about the kind of tree we sit under, and about what fills us with truth and compassion. When we can hold to that no matter what troubles – or ‘good advice’ – may come our way, then we can find our way to serenity.

I think it’s genius the way Joss Whedon named the ship Serenity in Firefly. Captain Mal’s brand of goodness and compassion may not look like what anyone might expect, but it was true to himself, honest – and so was his path to a life of fullness, personal power,  and, well, Serenity – at least of the Firefly class.

Merry Monday Project

NekoCatOver on my Holistic Health blog, I’ve introduced the “Merry Monday Project”. Inspired by Cynthia Lee’s “Scattered Life Collective”  and Amy Putkonen’s “Tao Tuesday“.

Merry Monday is crazy simple, and I invite all of you to do it too – whether you share it with anyone or not.

The basic idea is to find one thing a week that makes you happy, brings a little smile to your face, a moment of lightness to your heart, or at least just doesn’t stink. One little, tiny, common, everyday, ordinary little think in a whole week. Then write it down. You can put it in the comments or blog about it and send a link so we can all enjoy the little spark of coolness that you’ve found too. Keep doing that, and at the end of the year you’ll have a list of over 50 things that are nice – if not downright wonderful. Pull out that list on a down day…odds are SOMETHING on your list of happy will lift your spirits.

Easy enough, right? Actually there is more too it than that…

Some studies suggest that you can build thought habits (automatic attitudes, feelings or points of view) through meditation. Not all meditation is sitting around cross-legged for hours. One kind of meditation is the daily Tarot meditations like you see here, or that I write about it #PeaceTarot. Merry Monday is the same thing. It is a brain exercise to build your happy muscle if you want to think about it that way.

Anyway, in my experience, it works. I’ve written daily meditation Tarot readings for years. Merry Monday is just as much fun, and it does help kick those knee-jerk reflexes in a slightly more positive direction if you do it over time. Really.

If you’d like to read and comment, please visit www.RondaSnow.com every Monday for your weekly dose of Merry.

Each week, the little bit of merry may be, well, little. I’m not promising  joy and exstacy, but if you keep stacking little stones in time you have a wall. If you keep putting one foot in front of the other, next thing you know you’ve walked a mile.

Won’t you join in? If you have a blog, write a post about your “merry monday” thing-of-coolness, link to my monday post, and send me a link to yours. That will link everyone to all sorts of Merry Monday shenanigans.

The Empress – reprise

Warm weather, cleaning windows, the magnolia tree next door is starting to bloom: Am in an Empress state of mind. From 2012-



Of all the Tarot cards, when I think of spring, I think of the Empress card.

The Rider-Waite Empress card is predominantly yellow, a spring color. There are images of grass and trees…lots of association with spring-like ideas – abundance, nature, fertility are just a few examples.

Although few Empress cards explicitly show flowers, I tend to associate The Empress with flowers, not unlike the way Mary is associated with Roses and Quan Yin is sometimes associated with violets.

Which begs the question what other associations are there with flowers? I vaguely remember my Grandmother talking about it, but apparently there really is a long tradition of certain flowers symbolizing certain things. That kind of wordless, symbolic communication is very tarot-like, and very appropriate for springtime.

Hurray for the Internet! Here are a few Victorian era inspired flower meanings…a longer list is available at http://www.almanac.com/content/meaning-flowers

Black eye susan – justice

daisy – innocence

holly – hope

lavender – devotion and virtue

red rose – love and desire

violet – loyalty

zinnia – thoughts of absent friends


lotus – spiritual awakening (buddhist)

chrysanthemum – yang energy and good luck (Chinese)

Pansy – thoughtfulness, freethinking

daffodil – honesty and truth



Happy Springtime!


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Simple Meditation for Connecting With Your Guides


This is just excellent! Thank you Nicole!

Originally posted on Cauldrons and Cupcakes:

"Sun and Flowers" by Alice Mason

“Sun and Flowers” by Alice Mason

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.” 
William James

“We begin to see that we are spiritually linked with people halfway around the world, and with those who lived hundreds, even thousands of years ago. We begin to see that we emerge from, and are the expressions of, a single consciousness that is limited by neither time nor space.” 
Hal Zina BennettSpirit Guides: Companions & Mentors For Your Inner Journey

A little while ago I had a request for a simple guided meditation to help you to create and strengthen a conscious connection with your Spiritual Guides, those Beings who watch over us and guide us from afar.

This meditation is suitable for even the humblest of beginners on their spiritual path. All you need to do is find…

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